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Our Story

My Sister's Keeper was opened in 2021 by Valeria Muhammad and Keesha D. Causey with the goal of combining their unique nursing backgrounds and experiences and bringing them to the community around them.

They had the vision of not only preventing the premature loss of life in their community but empowering medical professionals to be the link in the chain that saves lives.

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Valeria Muhammad

Equipping her family, friends, and community with the knowledge and skills to save lives has been Valeria Muhammad's primary motivation since the start of her career.

Valeria, a family nurse practitioner, received her Bachelor of Science degree from the honorary Chamberlain University and received her Masters of Science Nursing from Drexel University. In complement to her certified skills, Valeria holds years of experience in her field, becoming a nurse in 1998. Her affairs in nursing led her through many conditions which honed her mastery, such as; nursing homes, hospitals (med-surge, ICU, PCU, and emergency room case management), visiting nursing (skilled and non-skilled, education, case, and non-case management), working with adults and pediatrics alike.

However, over the years, Valeria has observed too many cases of patients arriving at the emergency room in solemn conditions; lives that were either lost because CPR was started too late or no one in the immediate vicinity knew the correct actions. From observing this trend in the medical field, Valeria made it her passion to teach fundamental skills to all people, to save more lives that otherwise could've been lost.


Keesha D. Causey

Keesha’s goal is to equip her community with the knowledge and skills to save lives. Born and raised in South Jersey, Keesha is a full-time visiting nurse and mother of three beautiful girls and Abuela of one little girl, currently residing in Middletown DE.


Keesha began her nursing career in 1998, working in many settings: long-term, Rehabilitation Centers, Daycares, prisons, hospitals, and homecare where she has specialized for the last 14 years.

However, an unexpected death made Keesha realize how essential proper BLS and first aid procedures truly were. Ultimately, It wasn’t enough to just say she was certified, Keesha states --

I needed to be a vessel, to be able to say I can teach you how to do it and do it correctly

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