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My Sister's Keeper Valeria and Keesha

the world to
save lives

Starting as a CPR training program, to teaching first aid and phlebotomy, guiding people on how to save lives has been our passion since day one.



Develops the foundation on phlebotomy, and how to draw and remove blood.

Our course selections

We believe in providing life-saving skills to anyone eager to learn them. We offer basic and advanced training courses, allowing anyone from a first-time learner, to a medical professional to get certified with us.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

An advanced training course which builds upon the Basic Life Support and Heartsaver First Aid courses.

Paramedic with ambulance

Basic Life Support | Health Care CPR

This basic training course prepares learners to recognize and react to life-threatening situations.

Heartsaver First Aid | CPR and AED

Teaches learners how to react to common first-aid emergencies and how to provide first aid and lifesaving care.

Two paramedics inside of ambulance

Making a difference

Alone, our impact is small, but by pushing out skills like CPR and First Aid Training, we strive to make a difference in our community by saving lives through our students. We are committed to providing affordable, high-quality education so that anyone who goes through our classes can confidently apply our courses to their everyday lives.

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